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Tried to remake her so I could start out with sims 4. But can’t seem to make a rounded face. 

I never knew about alot of these interactions

Gotta have friends foe jobs… boo

This house is empty but gosh darn it we need a safe. 

Mine seem to be lower quality but I have the setting on high. 

Selfsims Family!

I’ll have to go look at defaults soon. 

Seeing as I kinda skipped over it and only played original and now SIms 3. I want to play it. 

Anyone have recommendations foe their fav sims 2 CC sites?


Hi everyone! The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection is free on Origin until the 31st of this month. It comes with the base game and every expansion pack and stuff pack.

Snag it while you can! It does take up quite a bit of memory though (12-13 GB).

Directions to redeem your copy here!

I’ve been watching demos on Youtube on my downtime. I guess we need to add each other on Origin to fins each other easier!!

Tagging apparently is another option, But if you want to add me there I just changed my ID to Chemicalsugar. Just like here.

I’ve been away being a big adult now and have had no time to play. But I did have time to watch SM crytsal! So I’ll be rebloggin some of my old SM shoots.